Thursday, March 03, 2011

dino gift

I am not a talented woodworker. I admire what people can do with wood. My father in-law is a woodworker and has made some beautiful pieces. He and a group of woodworking friends make children's toys for the church. 
This week marked our oldest's 7th birthday. She got a box from grandma and granddad in the mail. There was normal gifts books and clothes. And then there were these dinos, a palm tree, a mountain and a piece of wood to put them all in so they can all stand up. Like I said, I admire the talent, however just because you can do something it doesn't always mean it is an appropriate gift. These dinos have sharp, pointy edges and could easily be used as a weapon in my house by any of my kids. 
My family often doesn't remember to consider that my oldest is a special needs kid so what would be okay for a typical 7 year old isn't okay for her. She can't do anything with the above toy except throw it around. My husband and I are going to have to put this toy away until much later. Maybe when our other two kids are a bit older it will be okay. We'll see.

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