Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The all important world of followers

I currently have 15 followers of this blog and 38 followers on Twitter. Do I know all these people? No. Do you know all your followers? Probably not. Which in cyberspace is the norm these days. I started following some new people on Twitter over the last week and several of them seem to be obsessed with how many followers they have.

Seriously, these famous people are celebrating their 500,000 or 1 millionth follower and then encouraging their followers to follow all their "friends" so they too can past those crazy marks. Last I checked there were not any awards being given out for how many followers you had. You don't get better prices at the gas station for having more followers then your neighbor. Nobody builds a monument to your greatness because you have achieved this accolade. 

All these followers are clammering for your attention too. They beg to be retweeted in hopes that some of the followers of this famous person will then follow them too. What does that mean? What kind of society are we were people actually think it is cool to have over 500,000 followers in an intangible cyberspace? 

Remember a time not to long ago when phones were attached to the wall and computers were large cumbersome things that had to sit on desks? A time when you actually had to watch the evening news to learn about what was going on in the world around you? People are so plugged into their fake universes that they are forgetting how to actually talk to real people or wait for something.

Obviously, I take part in this universe but only to a certain degree. I actually like not being plugged in all the time. I know there are people who go through withdrawal if they don't have some device with them at all times. I am not that person. I can walk away from my cell phone, leave it at home while I am out and about. I really don't have to be on the computer all the time because I know I will hear about it all eventually anyway.

Will I welcome new followers? Sure. They can follow me, it's kind of nice that people enjoy my random blogs and tweets.  Sometimes I think I am delusional for actually replying to a famous person on Twitter because I know they won't actually respond to me. 

Now all I need is a basic tutorial on all the weird codes people use on Twitter. I can't say I know any or understand them. 

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