Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8.9? What would it do here?

I can't help and think about what an 8.9 earthquake would do to Seattle. Yes, we're on a massive fault line and experts keep saying "the big one" is coming. Although they have been saying that for the last 20 years.

Let's think about what would happen if an earthquake of that magnitude actually hit within the next week. First of all we know for sure the entire waterfront area would be toast. Add a tsunami into the equation and the people who work down there would have about 2 minutes to run up a hill. Let me add here people, you cannot stop and watch it. If you do this then you are in fact DEAD. The viaduct would collapse (it was built by the same guy who designed the one in San Fransisco. We all know what happened there.)

Let's talk about the roads here for a minute. Seattle roads are already in pretty bad shape thanks to us not funding their upkeep and maintenance. There would major cracks that would open up, let's just say they would be unsafe to drive on. I am guessing that most bridges would be down. I am not sure how the actual floating bridges would respond to that kind of action.

What about the hospitals? The ones downtown might prove impossible to reach thanks to the roads and bridges being out. Neighborhood ones might be close by but could be filled to capacity. Thanks to their smallness in size.

Magnolia while it is a gorgeous place to live might be cut off from the rest of the city thanks to all it's bridges being broken. Ballard might be in a similar situation too.

Another problem that would happen thanks to all the rain in the last few months. We would have massive landslides. Not only would these demolish houses but they would also take out major roads and railway tracks.

Who knows what the volcanoes would do around here. Would an earthquake cause some of them to erupt? Not sure there.

Have I scared you yet? As a parent I think about ways to keep my family safe. Which means after thinking about this great disaster I have been thinking about our emergency rations. I think we are severely lacking. Do we have drinkable water? Yes. Is it enough? Probably not. I know we need more food and a bigger tent. Right now we actually have enough firewood to get by for about a week or so. We definitely need more first aid supplies too.

This weekend I am going to head to REI and start stocking up. I suggest you do too.

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