Sunday, February 27, 2011

what I was missing

One morning I was up at 6 AM and just couldn't go back to sleep. Once I realized that I wasn't going back to sleep, I threw on some close and headed out to the car. Of course by this time it was quarter to seven. Usually, we stay near the beach so taking sunrise pictures is an easy feat. I drove for half an hour just to take these pictures. I missed the beautiful pink because I was driving at the time.
 There was a pretty big cloud bank on the actual horizon so sunrise wasn't quite as spectacular as it could have been.

 While I sat there in the solitude of the overlook (which actually happens to be right across the street from my favorite cemetery. Yes, I have one and no I can't be buried there.) This fine gentlemen thought I should be part of his flock. Okay, so I clucked at him but he's the one who took it as an invitation.  He tried and tried with all his might. He showed me his plumage and cock o'doodled his heart out at me.

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