Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, how I have missed you lighthouse

 I haven't gone to the Kilauea lighthouse for a few years. For some time I thought I was actually allergic to something there and so I stayed away. This year however I finally made it back there because I finally learned what has been ailing me.
 I've missed the amazing views and the bird colonies.
 Seriously, I think I could spend all day here just watching it all happen. Did I mention there are whales too?
 Hello Ne Ne! 

 Red footed boobies
 The lighthouse it's self is actually under some kind of construction. I assume it is a restoration project. There were actually  no signs posted about the process.
 The temporary beacon of light

 Such a little boat in such a big ocean!
 Can you see the boat? No? Believe me it is down there.

 I am rather over seeing a bunch of amateur photographers out and about with gigantic SLR cameras. 
 I am pretty sure most of these tourists don't actually know how to use most the features on their SLR cameras.

A frigate bird. I could watch these guys for a long time. There is something very relaxing about how they fly through the air.


Mollie said...

That is one of my favorite places too! So what ails you?

Sonja said...

I sure hope anyone with 10k to drop on a lens that big knows how to use their camera. Also, I've noticed that a lot of bird (and maybe whale watchers?) have started attaching cameras onto the ends of their scopes. what were they looking at?

Luna Indigo said...

They were birders and whale watchers but these were young couples and grandparents. You could hear them consulting who they were with how to use their giant cameras. The line i kept hearing repeated was "well, did you at least get the picture?" It was very humorous!
There are frigates, boobies, albatross that nest around the lighthouse. In the water there were humpbacks. Some with new calves. Very cool stuff happens here. I've been there when no Ne Nes are around so it was fun to see them walking about again.