Wednesday, February 23, 2011

National Tropical Botanical Gardens

 Every year we try and make at least one trip to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens while on the island of Kauai. Usually we don't make it out of the visitor center gardens. 
 This year we actually made it twice! On our second trip we actually took the tram into the McBryde Garden. (I'll post those pictures, don't worry)
 If you ever get the chance to visit these gardens you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful they are. Even if there isn't to much in bloom.
 They are a beautiful spot to have a picnic lunch. And the ocean is just across the street.

 Wondering why there are no leaves on these trees? Lack of sunlight causes plumeria trees to drop their leaves during the winter months even though the temperatures are generally the same as the summer months.
 even the walkways are decorated

Love this bark!

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