Thursday, February 24, 2011

McBryde Garden

 Upon our second visit to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens we traveled into the McBryde Garden. There are 3 trails that you can walk indendently while in the garden. I managed to do two, somehow I walked right past the third one. (of course none of the trails are that well marked so this is understandable).
 Some of the plant life in this garden is just incredible.
 I love how this picture turned out
 These flowers smelled wonderful and pungent.

 I was fascinated with green foliage this trip.
 This moss with just cascading off a tree
 I have to admit that these gardens are so well manicured that I found it a bit daunting. I felt like I was almost trespassing.  The gardeners were all very friendly though and very busy.
 Check out this crazy tree

 They had all different types of orchids randomly growing on trees through out one of the trails.

 Cacao anyone?

This beach is very secluded. One very lucky couple actually lives down in the house built by Mr. Allerton. I did not go on the guided tour of the Allerton Garden which takes you down onto to this beach but I was told about it by the director of the NTBG. There are green sea turtles that come back to this beach and nest every year. In 1992 when hurricane Inki ransacked the island of Kauai a wall of 60 foot water came roaring into this little valley. It filled the house full of sand and ruined the entire sea turtle nesting area. About two years ago they got grant money to clean up the historical house and restore the beach area. Since then they have been have added a sunset tour where you can actually go in the house. I look forward to getting to this garden sometime in the near future.  If ever you travel to Kauai do go to the gardens. They actually don't get much funding so every dollar helps with their research and work.

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