Tuesday, January 11, 2011

With an eye on the sky

 Over this last weekend Seattle residents were told to expect extremely cold weather and a light dusting of snow. We were then told to prepare for a classic Seattle snow come Wednesday January 12th.  It would seem the meteorologists have gotten it wrong.
 It wasn't that cold over the weekend, at least compared to last week when the ground was actually frozen. They then changed their tune. They started saying that Tuesday we would see anywhere from 1-4 inches in the Seattle area. This got the attention of the Seattle Public Schools who have just canceled all after school activities for the day.
 I have been taking pictures of the sky though out the day today. And while some of it looks dramatic, I am starting to think that they were all crying wolf.
 Sure, it is cold outside. But is it really going to snow?
 I'm leaning towards no.
 I would love to be proved wrong my Mother Nature.
Sadly, if it does snow tonight, it will be gone by tomorrow because the meteorologists are talking rain for the rest of the week. Which leads me to believe there will be flooding possibilities this weekend.

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