Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Babycakes bring me some flours

 As many of my blog readers know, I am quite the avid baker. Truth be told I use all purpose flour for just about everything these days. Yes, I'll mix in another flour occasionally but all purpose is my go to flour. I can't remember when I switched over to using the brand King Arthur (5 or so years ago?) but it really did make a difference in the products I turned out of my oven. If you read my blog about the lemon cake I recently made you learned of my frustration as of late with white cakes. Thanks to a helpful comment I might have figured out it was in fact the recipe not me. Whether it is my technique or the flour or the recipe, I went searching for some other help. And finally bit the bullet and ordered a cake flour. I couldn't just order one flour though, I had to also try their Italian style. Since both of these flour have just arrived I have yet to actually use them.
 Along with the flour order I also bought this little cupcake baker. In December, I was actually making fun of this very appliance. Last week I started to realize I could actually use it just like the pie maker appliance I was coveting on Williams-Sonoma's website. Ironically, the above three items cost me far less (including shipping) then the one fancy appliance would have cost me off of Williams- Sonoma
 Behold, my first creation!
Tiny pie shaped empanadas.

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