Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2nd kid seems to be an excuse for being a lazy parent

At some point last week I read an article on Seattle PI written by a man who was a parent of two children. This little article or blog bothered me and I am only now having time to say anything about it. This man wrote about how his older child got more trips to the aquarium and zoo while his second child didn't.  He happily admitted to not taking as many pictures of his second child and claimed that all parents ignore their second child far more then their first. He stated that he actually didn't have a problem with ignoring his second born.
                      Wait? What?
As a mother of three children, I actually try harder to take more pictures of all the kids and individual ones too. How else am I going to remember that they were ever this small? I also try and give them individual attention even if it is for 5 minutes. Kids need that to grow and blossom into amazing people.

I think that a parent who doesn't take pictures of their kids or spend time with them is either super busy (maybe not in the right way) or they never were a big picture taker in the first place. There are hardly any pictures of my husband from when he was little and that is partly because he was the third child but also more because his parents really don't take pictures. It just isn't their thing to do. Can they tell stories about when all 4 of their kids were little sure. I bet the guy who wrote the article won't even be able to do that. He's too busy not being a parent.

If you notice yourself not doing something then you can change it. This guy, could easily change his behavior to start taking more pictures or include his 2nd child on trips out to the aquarium. I seemed to get the impression that he was just to lazy to realize this. 

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