Thursday, January 20, 2011

1, 2, 5 - that's the correct order of numbers right?

I have a gripe that keeps happening with UPS. They can't seem to count correctly, ever. Let's say you get confirmation that a package has been shipped on a Tuesday with 3 day select service from UPS. Now go to their website and look up their definition of this shipping term. According to them, that means a package will arrive by the end of the third business day from when it was shipped.  And what is a business day? Well, that of course is any day between Monday and Friday. When does this fictional package actually arrive? The following Tuesday. I am not kidding. That means that 3 day select is bogus. 
 Let's count the days together, shall we?  Tuesday (1), Wednesday (2), Thursday (3), Friday (4), Saturday and Sunday, Monday (5), Tuesday (6). Six business days later...that isn't great service if you ask me. In fact that is horrible service!
For the record this has not just been a one time fluke. It happens repeatedly and UPS doesn't seem to care that they aren't doing what they claim to do. I tried to complain to customer service once and they just didn't get it. I am writing this blog to get the word out. Even if it is super slow. Use a different delivery service if you actually want your package to arrive on time at it's destination. If you don't mind that it will actually take a week then by all means use UPS.

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