Thursday, December 02, 2010

Recovery Sandwich

On monday morning this week I felt bad. I had a super nasty bug that I would wish on no one else. I should have been lying in bed all day but I couldn't do that. Having just come off the holiday weekend and the snow before that I could in no way ask my husband to stay home another day. I had to power through it and be mom. I didn't eat anything really that first day. On tuesday I managed to eat a few more things but I felt a bit wonky still. Yesterday I knew I had to eat to survive. Wednesdays are my super busy drive all over town day. While both of the younger kids napped (YAY! for doing this at the same time!) I concocted a sandwich that would make the health conscience wince at. 
behold, the mashed potato/ scrambled egg extraordinaire! yes, there is cheese on there too.

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