Friday, December 17, 2010

optical tale

I went to have my eyes checked after many years and it turns out my eyes really haven't changed much since I was last in. YAY for me! I opted to get prescription sunglasses for the first time ever. While I am only slightly near sighted these will help immensely on long drives. I tried on several different pairs of sunglasses that day in the office. Not once was price ever discussed or brand name. I narrowed the choices down from 4 to 3 and I went to sit at the little table with the mirror to make my final decision. I never saw any labels on the frames. So, when I went to pick up my new sunglasses yesterday I was a little shocked at the giant label on the side of my new glasses. Kate Spade? And why is it ok to remove this so your customers have no clue? Lucky for them I like my new sunglasses! I say that was pretty sneaky.

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