Thursday, December 16, 2010

my tree, not yours

Isn't it lovely? Isn't it huge?
A couple of weeks ago we had a flier from a worker of Seattle City Light saying that in 4-6 weeks time they would be coming along to trim our tree for free. Um...wait a minute, my tree isn't currently growing through any power lines. And I wouldn't say that their version of cutting/ topping trees off is "pruning" either. I'm not really sure why they are bothering with my tree, I can only imagine that A) my tree hating neighbors called them or B) the idiots that came along and switched out our street lamp from normal incandescent to LED decided to call a buddy over on the "trimming" staff. There are so many other trees within walking distance of my house that have completely engulfed power lines that mine really should be ignored for another 5-10 years. One and a half years ago we had it cleaned up while we were remodeling. Now we've called that same arborist to come back and help up us out. It will cost us $750 to get this done. Which is money we really shouldn't be spending but I don't want the city cutting off all the branches on the street side of my tree either. Today I drove along NW 24th St just south of NW 65th and there the city was topping beautiful trees, all the while claiming they were just "trimming" them.

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