Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cookies, bars and fudge-- It's that time of year again

From the ages of about 16- 20, I was required to bake Christmas cookies for my parents various coworkers, friends and tenants. They expected me to do it without complaining. Never once thanking me for spending hours upon hours in the kitchen making various delectable treats for them to hand out. And if I complained that I didn't want them stealing cookies out from under my nose then I would get an earful. I'm sorry but if you have just made me slave away in the kitchen for you please don't take my hard word away from me. I'm not going to just spin out some more.
 In my 20's, I baked for my friends because I knew they would enjoy it and I didn't have much money.
 Now a days with 3 kids, and many other things taking up my time I don't bake at the vast volumes I once did. After spending all day in the kitchen yesterday and an hour this morning boxing up the various treats, I was reminded at just how long it takes to do this. I can't bake this many cookies every Christmas, it just isn't possible.
So, if you are lucky enough to get a box of homemade treats from me count your lucky stars. 

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