Saturday, December 11, 2010

Caramel--I did it! And it didn't burn!

 The other day, I got it in my brain that I was going to make caramel. I'm not sure why exactly. While 2 of my kids were taking their afternoon nap and the 3rd was at school, I took up the task. My pot only over flowed once. I followed a recipe in my Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook and it was pretty straight forward. This caramel was intended for a chocolate caramel bar. After making this caramel though I'm not sure how exactly it would stay in said bar.
 I poured it into my mini muffin tin and placed it in the freezer hoping it would cool and become a bit more workable. Well folks, great in theory but in reality I have a very sticky gooey mess that tastes like my childhood. What exactly do I do with this?  I took suggestions from my Facebook friends as to what they would add to it if they were making a candy bar. I got some good ones too. Once I get some of those ingredients then I'll be handcrafting some bars.
This morning I made oatmeal, chocolate chip, caramel bars. A nice take on an easy classic recipe. I have one jelly pan full of this stuff, half of it went off to a neighbor's cookie party. Now I'll have to box up the rest for some lucky souls.

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