Thursday, November 18, 2010

Your grandchild isn't "typical" get a grip woman!

For the most part, my in-laws visit has been stress free this week. There are tiny annoyances like not being able to find things in my own kitchen after my mother in-law has been in there that I accept. (I still can't find my quarter cup measuring  cup though! argh) Today, though for a brief moment I seriously contemplated decking her.

I know my dear reader wants to know why I was considering violence and I'll explain. My oldest as you all know is a special needs child. I am completely and utterly aware that not everyone on this planet is comfortable around disabled people. I don't care about everyone else when I am around family and in my own home. Today is therapy day. Once a week I have an occupational therapist come in to work with my daughter, more therapy is always good in my book.

I thought my in-laws would want to see how hard my oldest works and just how far she's come from the last time they were here. The therapist arrives, my in-laws vanish! They don't even bother to meet the therapist! They held my middle child captive in the kitchen while they sipped martinis! And when my youngest child was shaking the gate between the kitchen and the living room, my mother in-law grabbed her ( I am not exaggerating here) and took her into the kitchen screaming! When I went to collect my small child back my mother in-law said "don't take that child in there she is a distraction." I answered "no she isn't" and my mother in-law barked back "oh yes she is!" With that I whisked my child away and went back to the living room.

A distraction? From what exactly? Therapy is such a common occurrence in my household that the younger ones wouldn't know what to do, if it didn't happen. In fact they are all very good at helping each other out and being great peer models. I cannot believe my mother in-law wouldn't even come into the room to see how therapy was going. This is your GRANDDAUGHTER! Don't you have any interest in what she is up too? She isn't going to suddenly start walking and talking over night lady!

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