Monday, November 01, 2010

Storage Problems

On Friday I tried to upload pictures to my other blog and for some reason it didn't work. I gave up and tried again on Saturday. This time it told me that I had used up all my free storage space and that I needed to purchase additional. I mulled this prospect over for about 24 hours. 

My husband says that this is probably going to be the norm in the future for all sites.  And while I get where Blogger, Google, Gmail, etc are all coming from the fact remains this; I have an issue with paying real money for a virtual space. I can't ever lay my hands on this storage space and will be charged once a year for maintaining it, it isn't a tangible or physical thing.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and decided to purchase extra space.  That was before 3 pm PST, the fine print said it could take up to 24 hours for the added space to "appear". hmm....fine I could wait a bit longer now that I've waited this long already. 

2:30 pm....

I've got nothing folks. I have a receipt in my inbox stating what I bought, and yet it isn't letting me upload any photos.  I sent a note off to tech support, and of course a nice general form letter comes back to me stating everything that was ALREADY on the help page.

Have you signed in and out of your account? (YES!!!)

It might take up to 24hrs (Um.. try almost 30hrs)

I hit reply and said everything I've said here, except shorter and more to the point. We'll see what happens next. Until then, all I can do it type. No pictures. blah

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