Saturday, November 06, 2010

Parker house rolls= FLAILURE part 2

 The recipe I followed in my Saveur magazine kept bugging me. How could they have gotten so wrong? I went and scanned the Parker House Rolls recipe in my Joy of Cooking and low and behold discovered the missing ingredients and steps needed to be successful. Isn't the dough lovely?
 The dough wasn't soupy and it rose quite nicely
 There was a step though that didn't make much sense to me and I think if I ever make them again will skip. The Joy of Cooking had me use a rolling pin in the middle of the rolls, brush them with butter and then fold them over onto themselves.
 It also said I should space them 2 inches apart. I think that it would be ok to let them grow just a bit together next time

At least now I know that it wasn't me that did something wrong. It was the poorly written recipe. Oh! And they are supposed to cook for only 15 minutes at 425 degrees!

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