Monday, October 18, 2010

update for all my rants

It would seem people think I was in the right about certain aspects of this planning of the family reunion. Which is very nice to hear. The outpouring of support actually rocked my world.  I was experiencing some of the worst stress I've had in a while over this silly thing. Nothing like racing heart, clenched jaw and upset stomach (just to name a few) to really make a girl worry. I had images of lying in the hospital with multiple IVs sticking into my arms. Yes, it was that bad. Not sure why it was so bad.

What are people saying I was right about? (my husband assumed that people were calling me a saint, I think that's pushing it a bit far). Turns out that working really hard at making sure that everyone who needed one got their own bed, was a big YES from all my supporters. Even my husband's therapist told me that no matter what, adult children (yes, aunts and uncles!) need and should have their own space outside the common areas of a vacation house. She said that all families go through what I just went through, some more pleasant then others. Her eyebrows raised when I explained some of what happened over the planning.  She also pointed out that in no way should I be expected to cook for all 13 people despite my family rooming in one of the 2 cabins with kitchens. She said that should not be expected by anyone and that people need to be responsible for their own meals.

So, there you have folks. I am not crazy for thinking the way I did about planning a family reunion. In fact I did alright by most standards. There were way too many "cooks" in the kitchen at the end though. My finding a lodge with separate cabins was also a good call, as so state my supporters. That makes me feel good. Now cross your fingers, let's hope the rest goes smoothly too.

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