Friday, October 01, 2010

a texting, cell phone, just to damn busy rant

I saw an article today on about a mother walking back from school with her three children and a car stopped to let them cross the street. The car then got rear ended by another car and ran over the mother and the youngest child. The child died right there on the street and the mother was rushed to the hospital.

How many times have I stopped for pedestrians only to fear about getting rear ended by another car? Or how many times have I stopped for pedestrians and some car tries to pass on either the left or the right side of me?

Why are people increasingly clueless these days? No one ever seems to think beyond their noses about what the consequences might be for their actions. Now, I am not saying we all have to be perfect but just more aware of the world around us.

Lately when I have been out for an evening walk with my family in tow we encounter anywhere from one to five people so busily texting on their phones that they nearly run us off the sidewalk. Yes! Fellow walkers, I'm targeting you! Put down your damn phone! You will not die if you do not send a text for a half hour.

As for my fellow drivers, I have become increasingly aware of your poor driving choices. I used to just worry about poor drivers not knowing how to merge, use their turn signals or knowing about to how to gauge the right speed when operating their automobile. Now I worry about my fellow drivers who are texting, talking or listening to their Ipod through headphones while driving. None of these things are good ideas people. And these poor decisions are not only limited to very young drivers but cut across the boards folks. One of my newest pet peeves is the driver who is texting while driving and arguing with their passenger. What the hell? Why are you driving a car?

Please do your fellow humans a GREAT service put down your mobile device when driving or walking. Pay close attention to the speed limits too. 5 mph or 100 mph you can still cause serious injury or death to someone else because you were just too damn busy to look up for a second.

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Frank said...

I second your sentiments! Today I saw a woman driving to a stoplight, pick up her book and read a page, then close the book when traffic started moving! I am mighty thankful that she did at least put the book aside to drive, but how far does it go?