Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A tale about a bear

Last week in a moment of weakness I ordered this bear from Godiva. We really don't need anymore plush toys in my household, thankfully she was on sale. We have two other Godiva teddy bears in our house who are very loved and well cared for by the kids. Both of those bears came to us in a box, nothing special. When we opened Tricksy (yes, that's the name she came with) we encountered a stryofoam box. I began to wonder if someone else we knew had sent us a present. Nope. There was the bear packed inside on top of a cold pack. I started laughing and my husband and I began a fun debate. Was it simply human error that this bear was packed on ice? Or was there a specific shipping policy, where they ship all packages on ice until a certain date? I couldn't resist contacting the Godiva customer service people in my search for the correct answer. I made the person laugh and got the explanation I was looking for. In the reply email, she said that the shipping office checks the weather report for the area where the package is heading. If it is going to be above a certain temperature then they pack anything with chocolate on ice. There you have it! Six chocolate medallions required a teddy bear to be packed on ice because Seattle was going to be hitting about 60 degrees.

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