Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shaved Cat

My poor cat. For well over a month now she's been itching and removing all her fur from her undersides.  This is not a new problem to Maizy, in the past we've given her a round of steroids and she's stopped. This time is different, for a while there her belly really did look like raw meat. It was red, oozing and rather bloody. We've had her tested for parasites on her skin and nothing was there. She never goes outside, so the only place for her to get fleas from would be my dog. Last I checked he was flea free. My husband and I have been very worried about Maizy because if we can't get her to stop this behavior she might have to be put down. I know that sounds harsh but it is the cold hard reality. If you give an animal to many steroids they can develop diabetes, which I know is manageable but who wants to willingly cause diabetes in any living thing? The reason why euthanasia is on the table is simple, nothing is helping her yet. Anytime we removed her collar for a little bit of eating or easier use of the litter box she immediately starts riping out her fur. Our neighbor who is a veterinarian can't figure it out. We all know it is something environmental but cannot pinpoint the cause.  I don't have thousands of dollars to spend figuring it out either. I've self prescribed allergy medicine for her as of late. First I tried children's claritin and after 6 days I haven't seen it do anything for her. Now I am trying Benedryl. Last night I shaved parts of her (as you can see in the above picture) in hopes of helping to stop the pulling out of the fur. My silly cat actually loved it! She thought she was being scratched by a brush and didn't run away from the shaver! Wish us luck on finding her some sort of cure. Otherwise we're going to have a very sad household.


Barry said...

Poor Thing.

Luna Indigo said...

very poor girl.