Monday, October 11, 2010

Reconsider Columbus Day 2010

Every since 5th grade Social Studies where they tried to tell us how great Columbus was, I have had a problem with the man. Then while I was at Seattle Central Community College I took an amazing course called "Latin American Colonial Literature". This course confirmed what I have always thought was true; Columbus was an awful human being who did unspeakable things to the Native Peoples of "New World". While I know the king and queen of Spain at the time where not saints, they actually hoped that by agreeing to send Columbus off on his latest adventure he would perish! He was an embarrassment to the country! So, take a moment on this holiday and watch this video. If it makes you nod your head in agreement then please sign the petition that will change this holiday.


Patricia Snook said...

Great link, really a good take on the day xoxo

Luna Indigo said...

thanks! I have always found it weird we don't have any holidays celebrating our Native People