Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ode to the 11th hour--a follow up to my earlier rant

There have been no "thank-yous" or "wow, that must have been a ton of work" from my husband's sister. No, there has only been "we searched on line and found this house" sent via email at almost 4 PM PST. This when we're in the process of reserving lodging. 

Never mind there has been an entire month to say "Hey, cost really is a factor" or "how can I help?". Nothing. Absolutely, nothing was said, even after my mother in-law called every one of her children with the proposal. We heard back "cost isn't a problem, let's book this". I'm not kidding folks. It seriously came out today at 6:30 PM PST that cost was in fact a HUGE factor for this one sister.

After being told that it was VERY important that we all stay in the same place. And my finding two places for us to stay that did in fact have rooms available. That people didn't want to have to drive to see each other as this was the WHOLE point of the reunion.

Now we've got said sister looking at reserving a cabin for her and others to stay in . My family is on it's own.  I can see how this is all going to play out. I'm the one in the wrong for standing my ground.  Sorry folks but I wanted everyone to actually have a space to call their own. I wanted to keep stress levels at a minimum, while staying close enough not to drive. I didn't want 2 of my sister in-laws to sleep on a couch for 5 days and have small children rudely waking them up because their sleeping quarters are in the common living space. I wanted my mother in-law to have a space were she could hide from the grandchildren. I know she loves them but I also know she needs her quiet time away from them. All this has been thrown out the window because the oldest sister always gets what she wants.

Never once has any of my in-laws asked what my family needs for a successful vacation. No one has bothered to realize that I need a single story or few stairs in the place I'm staying to accommodate my special needs child. My beautiful girl is almost 50 pounds and lugging her up and down flights of stairs is a health hazard (bye bye back). Nor does anyone realize that sometimes she just wakes up in the middle of the night for no reason. Which means we would need a space away from sleeping people to let her be up. No one knows because no one asks.  It's hard but we're used to it.  I nearly screamed when I read in an email this afternoon : we've talked about it and Frank and I would be ok with letting you guys have 2 bedrooms. You would let us have 2 bedrooms??!!!! I have 3 kids, how am I supposed to sleep in one bed with 5 other people?

I sit here once again with my blood boiling because nothing has been set once again. Which means another days goes by and the availability goes down, the prices go up.  Just once I would like it if some one was on my side and said "No, actually I think I want to do what Luna has worked so hard on". It would be nice.


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