Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not a video, just another rant. Hmmm...need a vacation

Do you have those moments in your life where you have to ask yourself "how the hell did I get put in charge of this?" I have this happen to me on a frequent basis in my life. Somehow I get left holding the bag (if you will) way more then is fair.  The problem with this is even as frustrated as I get, I have to finish the task!

I always wonder when I am in this kind of situation why people are so apathetic until the very last moment. I'll be sending out all the correct information so that everyone is on the same page and yet I'll come to discover in a conversation that no one has even bothered to ever read any of the information that I so painstakingly put together for them in the first place. How do I know this? Simple by the questions that they ask.

I am currently in the throws of planning a family reunion for my husband's side of the family for this upcoming summer. And while I think his family is awesome (especially compared to most of mine) I am so stressed out by the whole damn thing because without fail almost all the emails that I have generated have gone unanswered.  13 people is a very hard number to find housing for and coordinating every one's summer schedules. Add that to my daily tasks of raising 3 kids and life in general, I am finding myself overtaxed.

I swear one part of the 13, have come to expect that their needs are more important then all others and that they should always have their way. Sadly, I can't work that way and am going to butt heads with this attitude. Last I checked the earth was revolving around the sun not some super individual.

The other factor that doesn't seem to have gotten across and I am not positive that has actually gotten across yet is this; we're looking at staying on the Olympic Peninsula, things book up FAST out there.  There isn't a plethora of options because it is such a unique place to visit. The more family members drag their feet the more likely the entire reunion will not happen.

As I write this I have closed in on lodging options and am hoping to lock them down by the end of today. If I don't then I might just have a heart attack from all this damn stress. I am so thankful that I am not helping out with the looking for flights part of the trip.  It would seem there are very different schools of thought on how to do this. Oddly enough people don't understand that flight prices actually can skyrocket the longer you hold out. And airlines can ALWAYS change flight times on you even the day before a flight. But alas, I'm getting all worked up about something I don't need to bother with. (sigh)

Let's hope my stress levels come down once I have the lodging squared away. Otherwise you'll all have to come visit me in the hospital.

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