Tuesday, October 26, 2010

not sleeping

I'm not sleeping again. Funny thing is I really don't have much going on in my conscious mind when I wake up in the middle of the night. My mind then decides, well if you're going to be awake let's start writing blog entries. Isn't that helpful?

My brain starts thinking about how we evolve over time as a person. How at one point in your life you were attracted to a certain person and then when you run into them out of the blue years later, you wonder what the hell you ever saw in them in the first place. (thank you Northern Exposure for bringing that one up).


how it always lands in my lap to keep things moving forward when everyone else drops the ball. Why did it become my responsibility all of a sudden?

I figured out that even though I have been told I would make a great lawyer or an awesome therapist that I in fact NEVER want to enter these professions.

and on and on. Thank you brain there is never a dull moment in my head.

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