Saturday, October 23, 2010

Again? Wait, it really is too soon for this.

My husband's parents said that they wanted to come for a visit this Novemeber. They said they missed their grandchildren and wanted to come for our middle child's 3rd birthday. Alright we said and even sugested that maybe instead they might want to come for Thanksgiving since one of their other children would be out visiting us. My mother in-law said no it was her turn to make Thanksgiving dinner so they would be staying in Michigan for the holiday.

Time passed and we heard nothing. There wasn't any discusion about the length of the trip or when exactly they were thinking. Sure there was the whole reunion planning fiasco but Novemeber is gaining on us here. Finally this afternoon my husband recieved an itineray via email. I pulled it up and looked at the details. WAIT my brain yelled, they're arriving at 10 AM on a monday morning and flying out on a saturday morning. Did they not consider that my husband goes to work? That this will be the week before Thanksgiving? Why aren't they coming say a thursday through a tuesday? How come they didn't think to talk to us about their exact travel plans BEFORE purchasing their tickets?

My heart started to race and my jaw clenched again. Why is this happening to me? Did we not learn anything from the whole reunion planning escapades? And how could nobody in this family not know about websites like Expedia, Priceline or Travelocity that can find you cheaper flights?

So, here I sit wondering what the hell I am supposed to do with my in-laws for a week while my husband works and I go through my normal week routine. The weather of course will probably be rainy, my father in-law said draw up a list of fixit things he can do. For he doesn't want to just be sitting around reading all the time. Um, yea. I have things that need to be done but it would have to be summer and my father in-law would have to be about 30 years younger to succeed at some of them.

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