Thursday, September 16, 2010

What we are losing on the road to a cashless society

Debit cards, credit cards; they seem to be all the same these days. People use them everywhere from buying groceries, to pumping gas and even in the drive through. They are handy to have and a bitch to settle if you lose one.

As you stand there paying for your groceries think about how it looks to a small child. There you are in the store picking up the things you need. You stand in line and place your items on the belt. Maybe exchange a few pleasantries with the clerk. Your food items are bagged in whatever bags you choose and placed back into the shopping cart. Then your on your way back to the car and on to your next destination. Never does the child see you exchange money with the cashier. So, the kid very well could believe that you walk into a store, take what you need and then walk out again.

My son knows we need to buy things before we open them but he doesn't understand the concept of money. He sees the UPS truck and knows they have the ability to bring us packages. Sometimes we have our groceries delivered to us by Amazon Fresh, and again he never see his parents using money to buy any of these things. Without some sort of guidance from a parental unit I bet the there will be a sharp rise in shoplifting soon. And it will all be completely innocent, thanks to how are society uses cards.

The next time you swipe your card in front of a child you are with, try and explain some sort of wisdom about money to them. Trust me, right now everything is free according to all that they have seen.

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