Monday, September 13, 2010

Very large and quite hairy

I was sitting on the couch in the living room looking forward to a few minutes of alone time, when I heard my husband call me from the kitchen. "Mommy needs to deal with this, can you come here honey?" I thought to myself "great I get to clean up cat throw up" Instead I entered the kitchen to find my husband pointing to the red container on the floor and my son asking "What is it?" One very large, hairy eight legged, pincher snapping spider. Now I am not afraid of spiders, in fact I like them setting up shop and eating all the other insects to their hearts content.
This thing is one of the largest spiders I have seen here in Western Washington. It isn't very big for the tropics but then again I don't live in the tropics.
There have been quite a few spiders coming inside these days. I'm not sure if that means they are telling us we are in for a hard winter or just pansies. Usually, I catch a spider or other insect and release it outside. No questions asked. This spider though, I chose to freeze. I really don't want to come across it in my house again.


Melissa Hoban said...

I also live in Washington State on the Peninsula, and in 2010 I had a TERRIBLE problem with spiders that looked just like this one! They seemed to be everywhere in my house. I wish I knew what kind they were! We very rarely see them now, thank goodness :)

Melissa Hoban said...

I also live in western Washington, on the Peninsula, and in 2010 we seemed to have an infestation of spiders that looked just like these in our home! They were everywhere! You could hear the little buggers when they walked across the floor. We see them very rarely these days thank goodness! I wish that I knew what kind it was :)

Luna Indigo said...

I'm not sure what they are either. I was happy that I was able to put it outside. :-)