Friday, September 10, 2010

Two of these popped up in my parking strip today. At first I thought my husband did it but now I'm thinking our neighbor Kim did. I'm sure some people who walk by might think we are anti-dog. We're not (obviously we have a dog), we are just anti-poop. With 3 kids getting in and out of the car, dog poop is a factor we don't want to worry about.


Sonja said...

Nice! Hopefully they'll be effective. Good graphics.

One of my neighbors has restored to bagging up the poo that appears in her parking strip and flinging it into the driveway of the offender. At least I hope it's the offender; that would be really bad if it wasn't him. :)

Luna Indigo said...

My sign "Give a hoot! Don't Polute! Scoop Your Poop!" works well but I need to fix it.

There are people down the street who have signs on their yard waste bin about how it is illegal to put poop in them. Which I know is true and yet people still do it anyway. I don't know why people can be such idiots.

what a bad neighbor for not scooping up his poop!