Saturday, September 04, 2010

Olympic Game Farm

This was a great overlook of the park. As you can see it was a very cloudy day, which turned out to be perfect for the farm.
We read the rules on our driving map and could not discern if we were or were not supposed to feed the prairie dogs. They were so fat, we're pretty sure they didn't need to be fed.
Peacocks were all over the farm, just waiting for some bread
Driving over this first cattle gate proved to be a challenge. As you can see the llamas were waiting for us. They crowded the car and made it very hard to drive through.
As our car drove past this guy could not be bothered to even move
I realize that I might be strange but this guy (and all his relatives) were pretty cute. They had one over in the petting zoo, and I enjoyed scratching her head.
The white rhinoceros was hard to see. The ravens did enjoy standing on him.
I've heard zebras are mean, and the map said that they bite. I'm glad that the 2 zebras never even approached the car.
Fuzzy, fuzzy Kodiak bear. Doesn't it look all sweet and snugly? I'm terrified of bears and I have to admit that I did enjoy throwing my bread to these guys. Although, I know that if that bear wanted to it very well could have pushed right through the one little piece of electric fence and charged the car.
This bear was so busy scratching it's self it never even noticed us drive by
Is it nap time yet?
A young elk headed our way
The elk actually proved to be worse then the llamas. The adults were as tall as our mini van and it is mating season. They proved to be very imposing and aggressive.
This little guy was super sleepy
If I pretend not to notice you, then will you feed me?
I wonder how many antlers get stuck inside cars?
there was a sign right before we entered the area with the bison that said "drive this way to avoid the bison". Does this mean people are afraid of them? :-)
I loved this shot. It seriously looks like that one in the middle is dead. Not to worry I saw it blink.

It makes it seem very calm and idyllic, doesn't it?

When you first drive up to the Olympic Game Farm you have some choices to make. We decided to go for the whole thing since we have never been there before. Little did we know that included a guided tour inside their barn. Inside the barn we learned about the history of the place. It turns out Walt Disney filmed ever single animal movie they made up until Walt died here. You can see the cover of ever film script on the wall in the above picture.
Here is a light bulb that goes into one of the fancy stage lights. Notice how it has prongs and it doesn't screw.
Here are pictures of the sets that are still standing from the very last movie filmed up there. It was cool to see but also a bit weird.

The paw prints of the bear that was on the "Grizzly Adams" series
It really felt like we were walking in a ghost town. These sets were side by side and they depicted different parts of the movie.
The man who started the farm seems to be a bit of a pack rat. This stove is both electric and fire burning.
wagon wheels
posters from the various movies

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