Thursday, September 23, 2010

less fabric?

I bought new underwear the other day.  I was so happy to not be buying maternity panties! I've added the new ones into the drawer and been slowly wearing them. Now I know that my body has changed in the last 7 years thanks to bearing 3 children and just getting older. And while I am still working on accepting my body for how it is now, I know for a fact that I am not overweight. So, when I bought new panties I bought the size I have always been. It would seem that I keep getting wedgies. If I wanted to wear a thong I would have bought thongs. Have my hips gotten wider, maybe just a bit. Has my bum gotten bigger, actually no. Honestly, my ass has shrunk. I am beginning to think that the manufacturer has started using less fabric on their various underwear styles. I find this kind of odd, classic fits don't really need to be adjusted. All of us women have learned what the various fits are from french cut leg, brief, bikini to thong (and many others) over the years. We all buy what we want. So, shrinking the amount of fabric used on these does no one any good. Pretty soon everything is going to have to be labeled "full coverage" or "partial coverage". Honestly, I don't need more confusion when I go out to buy underwear, do you?

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