Sunday, September 05, 2010

La Push and Mora

Despite the unhelpful ranger at the Forks ranger station, we managed to find the beautiful Rialto Beach
If you are able you can actually hike up the beach to some tide pools. We however just stuck close to the entrance of the beach.
The waves were crashing very hard against the beach that day
The sun made is very pleasant
The beautiful trees came down to meet the dunes

I have the hardest time not collecting to many stones or shells when I go beach combing

my youngest is following in my footsteps and started her very own rock collection in my camera case
She didn't even notice my stacking rocks on her head because she was to busy finding her own
where the fresh water meets the ocean
The Quileute tribe definitely had the right idea of living in this beautiful area
some history
this is the front tire on the driver's side of my mini van, can you see what is in the treads?
Seems somewhere in the parking lot while at Rialto Beach we picked up this screw and washer.
is what we heard as we drove out. We made it to a gas station in Mora and the tire wasn't flat. I got out a pair of pliers and pulled that screw out much to the horror of my husband. The tire held and has yet to go flat!

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