Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hollywood comes to town, Twilight style

"Twin Peaks", "Northern Exposure" and "X-Files" all might ring a bell. They were all filmed up here in the Pacific Northwest. And as their popularity rose, fans would visit the various locations made famous by their favorite show. I am pretty sure there weren't any stores dedicated solely to these fan groups, this is where "Twilight" eclipses the others. When I first drove by this little movie theater in Port Angeles, I laughed at the irony of what was on their billboard. It later dawned on me that this was the theater that Bella goes to a movie with Jake and Mike in the book and movie.

As you can see right across from the theater there is a store devoted to Twilight. Oddly enough I didn't encounter any fans while I was taking these pictures. I saw one down the street who was about 12 getting her picture taken in front of a bookstore display with "Twilight" stuff in the window.
If you are a "Twilight" fan then maybe you have some romantic idea about Forks, Washington. If you would like to keep this pristine idea in your head then I would advise you to stay far away from the actual town. Forks is a logging town that is dying a slow death. There really isn't much going on there and many shops are out of business.
You can go on "Twilight" tours that take you all over to the various spots made famous by the books and movies. There are signs pointing to shops Alice might shop at. Although I would have to say that Alice probably would not be caught in any of these places and if she actually did live in Forks, she probably would do all of her shopping online.
On the road just outside of La Push, Washington they seemed to have more of a sense of humor about the whole thing.
The other of side it said no vampires beyond this point
After passing this and it's sister store in Forks a couple of times I decided to go inside. The girl behind the counter was quite sullen. I had to ask her if she enjoyed her job and this took her by surprise. She of course said yes, with barely a smile. The store was over the top but also quite entertaining. If you find yourself needing Twilight themed t-shirts,thongs,glasses, stickers, etc...then this is the place to go

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