Tuesday, September 07, 2010

High up on Hurricane Ridge and then back down again

In reality it is only about 20 miles up to the top of Hurricane Ridge but it seems like 100 by the time you actually drive all the way up there
go early enough and you might just catch a glimpse of the local wildlife, without the crowds
the trails are pretty easy up here, that is if you stay on the paved areas
one of two snow patrol cabins
a grouse looks out from the meadow
how many people does it take to take one photo of a deer? see what I mean about the crowds?
lovely broad leaf lupine
some ravens play in the small amount of left over snow

always good to know
at this overlook on the way back down I followed a trail away from the obvious view. I came across these lovely trees and that sign about water
I'm pretty sure hardly anyone notices the little trail
Hello Mount Baker

going up

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