Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gggrrrrooowing on me

When we headed out to the Olympic Peninsula a few weeks ago, we managed to forget a few key items. One of which happened to be coffee mugs. Our household has had a plethora of mugs for years thanks to the various roommates that cycled through before my getting married. Why coffee mugs get abandoned when one moves out I am not quite sure. Anyway, we always try and get rid of mugs rather then acquire them. We found ourselves therefore in a quandary as to what exactly to do because we definitely needed at least one mug to get through our vacation and Styrofoam was out of the question. I decided that we should find a very cheesy Twilight themed mug since that saga is all over the place out there. However, we managed to go to the Olympic Game Farm before entering any designated Twilight shops and so my husband found the above mug and one other for us. I wasn't in the gift shop with him at the time of his purchase so he was curious as to what I would say about his choices. Before unwrapping our new mugs I said out loud that we could always give them away as Christmas presents. My husband nodded in agreement. I have to say my initial reaction was dead on to what my husband thought. I found the two mugs (the other one has a bison on it) cheesy and over the top. I would have no problem giving away these two mugs. Now we've been back for a couple of weeks and I've used that Kodiak bear mug numerous times and I am finding myself really liking the damn thing. Which is kind of fitting since in the mornings 9 times out of 10 I would rather bite some one's head off then talk to them.

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