Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unused blog

I have two blogs. This one where I get to express myself and share fun pictures I take. The other one is devoted to family pictures. I set up the second blog for family and friends to keep up with how my kids doing. Besides this way (unless they are super smart) some people don't know about the 2 different blogs.

When I first set up the family blog I sent out an email to all friends and family that I thought would be interested in seeing pictures. In my mind I had done my part of letting people know it was now their job to click on the link and follow along whenever they wanted.

A couple of months ago it started to dawn on me that people really weren't looking at the blog. I know there is a select few who check it out on a regular basis. The clue to me is that various people from that original email keep asking for current pictures of the kids. I really want to pull out my bozo bat and hit them over the head. These are the same people who were all excited about the blog in the first place.

I'm not here to hold your hand people and coddle you through your very own computer experience. I don't have the time. I'm frustrated because I take the time to upload pictures to that damn blog and it isn't being used as it was intended. In fact Jane complained in the beginning about not being able to leave comments and now she's claiming she's never heard about the blog.

Seriously? I block your phone numbers, junk your emails and restrict your visits to my house all because of how you treat me, I send you an email about the blog so you can still see the grandchildren. Then you have the gall to feign ignorance about the blog and make snide comments? Grow up already!

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