Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finding a Preschool

Since about last February I have been on a quest to find a preschool for my middle child. At first I was just casually looking until it dawned on me that preschools fills up fast around here. Then I realized that many preschools charge out an outrageous amount of money. Lastly it would seem that every preschool has a waiting list.

My two and half year old is ready to go out and have some good social interactions with other kids his age. He really needs that outside stimulation, the problem is that his birthday falls in November. The cut off date for most preschools is August 30th, meaning you have to be 3 by then or wait an another entire year to enroll. There are a few that have rolling admissions though.

He was already rejected from a chance of going to one preschool that did in fact take 2 year olds simply because he was a boy. Yup, you read that right. The teacher said having a class with mostly boys was actually pretty hard and she needed some girls to balance it all out. ( My youngest who just turned one is already on the waiting list for this preschool!)
I can't do a co-op preschool because siblings are not welcome. They expect you to volunteer so many times a month, and I am pretty sure I can't pawn his little sister off on other people that often.

The other issue at hand is that my son isn't potty trained. Which might shock some people. For a while he had great interest in learning how to use the potty and then something happened. Now he wants nothing to do with it. I'm ok with this because I have a feeling that forcing the issue would actually make it worse. Just about every preschool I know requires that a child be potty trained.

The other day I drove by a sign for and I got hopeful. I checked it out online and then emailed the contact person. We went for a visit and all went fine. At about 3 AM later that night I began to freak out. I started to question whether this woman was a child molester and how would I know? It is the first year that she is attempting a preschool so how many problems is she going to have? She hasn't finished her accreditation with the Waldorf association yet, will she ever? Has she gotten a licence to run a preschool out of her home from the state? What happens if she gets sick? Will she call in a stranger to run the program or will she just cancel that day? How the hell is she going to keep track of 8 kids who are 3 and 4 years old without an assistant? The questions kept coming.

With all these questions I raised within my head, I think I've decided that I am back to square one with regards to finding a preschool. I saw a banner over the Boys and Girls Club saying they had a preschool, maybe I'll try there.

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