Saturday, July 24, 2010

From Whatcom County up to Canada and back again

We had an illegal immigrant with us on our first trip across the border. It seems this moth caught a ride inside our car door, upon it's release it fell to the ground with little flaps. Either it was a bit dazed or on it's last legs.

Oh, what a life.
When I travel around to various places I always find myself drawn to zoos and aquariums. I am always curious about which animals they will have and how they are housed.

These lemurs were having way to much fun
Yet another lazy afternoon for this cheetah. My youngest wanted to hug this fast cat and couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her.
Such lovely markings
And then we stumbled across a section of animals who all had very large horns, boy am I thankful I don't have to carry around any of these!

Hello moon
Picture perfect

This was a sign in the fragrance garden we discovered

happy pollinating bees

The view atop the lookout tower

The other view from the tower, the little fragrance garden. This is all in Ferndale Washington

And here is the tower I climbed for the previous pictures
We came across a small lavender farm

They converted the barn into the shop

I have never heard so many bees in my life (yes, even when I helped out with beekeeping!). And the scent of lavender was wafting up into the air, so wonderful!
I am not a beer drinker and yet i found myself buying this beer. I couldn't help but chuckle at it's name.

I do so love signs

Anyone know why the U.S. / Canadian border is at an angle and not a straight line?

Oh, mystery rash I do hate you. This colorful, incredibly itchy red rash appears randomly on my body. I used to get it all the time when I traveled to Kauai and tried everything to try and rid myself of it. When I made a correlation between getting it and going to the lighthouse on the island I stopped to going to the lighthouse. It seems that Birch Bay has whatever it is I am allergic too because the rash began to appear on my neck, arms and thighs. I have had no luck with doctors either. Now that I have pictures maybe I can find answers.
Another lovely sunset

I really do enjoy finding simple native inspired designs and symbols
nothing like old farm equipment
Hey, this barn came with barn swallows!

I am still scratching my head over how someone came up with the idea to have a pumpkin tepee. Sure it is a vine but what happens with the pumpkins grow?
Ok, so from a distance I couldn't figure out why there were so many scarecrows in this garden.
Upon closer inspection it would seem a group of children were asked to make their likenesses, nice concept rather creepy garden

Yes, this is the big red barn that the barn swallows and farm equipment were in.

The following are signs from the vacation property that was just across the street from where we were staying.
Before talking to the owners, we were a little curious as to why they had all this cow stuff everywhere.

Turns out they are dairy farmers who live in Lyndale with is about a half hour from Birch Bay.

Oh, yes folks, I really am that talented. As I was packing up the car for our journey home today I managed to get stung by an unseen bee.

And as luck would have it, the damn bee got me on the arch of my foot. I was wearing my sandles at the time so I'm still alittle foggy on how and why I got stung. It was incredibly painful until my loving husband sucked out the poison. Weird, huh? I was racking my brain as to what to do with my sting and trying to recall what a former coworker said to do. For you see, she was a beekeeper and she said "look for the stinger and remove it, then suck out the poison." Well I didn't have a stinger in my foot which makes me think it was a wasp, but I could see the swelling radiating out from the puncture sight. Ice and the car A/C really helped me out.
Here we have a fake flower arrrangement that was in the cabin we rented. Notice anything funny about it? Can you see the random dead flower near the bottom? I went to remove it and discovered that it was also fake. Who buys a fake dead flower?

Mount Baker

And finally the gorgeous view from the Chuckanut drive.

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