Thursday, July 01, 2010

Five Years of Blogging

My dear friend Lissa pointed out the other day that I have had this blog now for 5 years. Hard to believe I've been at it for that long.

What do I have to show for this? I have my little space in the blogosphere that is covered with various witty bumper stickers. I have 5 loyal followers, and a host of about 10 or so loyal readers thanks to facebook. There aren't any magazines beating down my door asking me to write articles about my take on life or politics. I have no book deals in the works. And last I checked Hollywood hasn't phoned me and requested a meeting to talk potential movie ideas. Oh, and unlike other mothers out there, I haven't branded myself nor made millions of dollars off advertising.

I realize some might think that I have failed then if I don't have any of these things. I beg to differ. I have created a space where I get to express myself and share my photographs. I wasn't looking to become famous with this blog, I just needed a space to call my own. When this little blog started it was originally called "Social Commentary by Luna Indigo", I changed it because I realized I was sharing more pictures then actually writing. I do so love to write but sometimes all I have time for is a snapshot of what I'm looking at.

Sometimes I do have grand plans of writing more or marketing myself better, but let's be honest here; I don't really have the time nor have I ever been good at selling myself. So, unless I suddenly win the lottery and gain a personal assistant I will be continuing down this little path I'm on.

I thank those of you who are readers, I hope you stick around for another five years. Who knows what will happpen.

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