Friday, June 11, 2010

A place to call my own and share with like minded folks

I keep thinking about how to put my dreams of having a piece of land into a reality.I am having fun thinking about my latest idea.
I have come up with the idea of a commune but not the kind where people don't shower or have to worship some weird god. I think we might need 200 acres to pull it of but might have to start with under a 100 and then buy up the surrounding properties as time goes on.
We could build our houses on about an acre each in the shape of a crescent. This way the power and water wouldn't be all scattered about the property. I think we would all have to learn about septic systems too. Think modest houses, seriously let's not waste space or money on giant houses. I also think we would need a bunkhouse for any guests that would want to come for visits, this would help keep our personal houses from becoming to extravagant. Attached to the bunkhouse we could have a large communal kitchen for when we actually want to cook meals together or do large cooking projects. Now when I say bunkhouse I don't mean there has to be bunk beds per say that's just how I envision the building with a screened in porch too.
On the property it's self there would be vegetable gardens (with deer fences of course), a fruit orchard, flower gardens, maybe a small vineyard. We would need a greenhouse for starting our crops and it might just have to be big enough for some citrus trees. Did I mention we'd probably need a designated fire pit somewhere? And a basketball hoop? We'd have to consider if we would want to incorporate solar panels to heat water or to help supplement electricity. Maybe a wood burning hot tub? Oh, and yes we could have animals. However if you choose to take on the responsibility of an animal you must not expect the rest of us pick up the ball if you suddenly lose interest. Alpacas have been requested already. I am thinking someone will want some chickens but I would have to draw the line at having a rooster, they are too freaking loud. I know we would need some mason bees and maybe some honey bees too. I am thinking bat houses would have to be worked into the fold too.
Once the gardens and orchards are established then we could set up a roadside produce stand with proceeds helping us to maintain our commune. Of course all of this would take a while to set up and thus we'd have to keep our day jobs going.
The next question would be where should we buy land? North of Seattle? South of Seattle? East? west? Should we even stay in this state?
I started just looking at land yesterday to see what is out there. I was pleasantly surprised by the options that are out there. This dream is actually possible. And thankfully it doesn't mean you have to socialize with everyone on the commune all the time. But you would have to work together in order for us to create a great garden. :-)

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