Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hair--> I now have a purple petticoat

This was my first attempt at taking a picture today. I accidentally put my thumb over the flash. Nice effect.

As you can see, the blue has mostly faded out completely from most areas of my hair. Ironically patches of green were starting to crop back up. I am not quite sure how that was possible but it would seem that green and purple are pretty permanent. Where as blue seems to start fading within a day. I was getting tired of the blue rinse granny look that was on the top of my head.

Here is how the purple is looking. Faded but not too bad, it is still rather vibrant.

So, today I decided to add a bit of a "normal" hair color back into the mix that is upon my head. The top of my head is back to brown but the bottom 3 inches of my hair (at least) is still quite purple. Hence why I keep thinking that I have a purple petticoat or tutu on my head. When my hair is down it actually looks rather normal. However when it is up, it is all rather random. For you see brown head on with a stock of purple popping up in the background.

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