Thursday, June 24, 2010

A genetic trait

I think one of my relatives is on to something when she says our birth family tends to abandon it's children. From a genetic standpoint it is a brilliant flaw to have. Think about it, you have a child and then leave it move to a new place have another child....This spreads around your genes and gives you a wider dispersal of offspring to populate the world. It would be perfect if say we were birds or something.

I have admit that I have had those longing daydreams of running since I've become a mother myself. The feelings are so overpowering and strong it is amazing. Don't get me wrong I love my children and would fight to the death to keep them safe. However after the millionth time of asking my son not to take a toy away from one of his sisters before 10 AM I can say running away sounds great! My daydreams have had me leave everything behind and start over. I would get to go to a movie whenever I pleased, wake up in the morning and not talk to ANYONE, I could go out to a bar and have a drink with friends. Sounds nice to this mama of 3. The difference between me and my relatives though is simple, I don't leave no matter how incredibly strong the urge deep within my bones is. I can see beyond the daydream and into the reality. I can see my heart broken because I am not watching my children become amazing people. I also could see trying to come back and having to prove that I would never abandon them again.

I think maybe some anthropologist should come and study this crazy family of mine. Maybe they could learn a thing or two. Or maybe teach us something too.

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