Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chicken and carrots -> a well fed and spoiled old dog

This is Gus, my 11 year old mutt. His mom was an Australian Shepard with registered papers, who while in the throws of heat got out of her yard and found her self a willing companion. The result of which is this very stubborn, 70 pound, loyal guy.

For as long as I've had him, he's been on Nutro Max lamb and rice food. Which he's always eaten without complaint. For some reason in the last few months I noticed that he's been pooping way to much. (Yes, I know you really needed to know that right!) I'm guessing that without telling consumers Nutro Max changed the ingredients of their recipe and thus it is probably more rice then lamb. I asked our neighbor, who's a veterinarian, what his friend Frank fed his dog. For you see Frank had a dog, who was about the same size as Gus who just passed away at 20. Which for a large dog is AMAZING. Chicken and carrots was the answer. (Gus is waiting for his in the above picture). For about two weeks now we've been feeding Gus a mixture of chicken and carrots with a cup of nutro max mixed in.

Can you tell how much he loves it? I'm not sure how long I'll be doing this as it is an expensive diet but he has been pooping a lot less. Gus is one happy spoiled dog.

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