Monday, May 31, 2010

The wonderful world of food and the joys of eating

What did we do on this incredibly grey soggy three day weekend? We ate of course! Yesterday, I shared pictures of our blackberry buttermilk pancakes but didn't include the black bean soup or the brownies we made. Today found us making Swedish pancakes, thanks to the recipe on my friend, Sonja's blog. (Check out her blog: Yes, I make my pancakes on a square pan. I don't know what I would do with a real crepe pan, I think I would need some practice time!
Aren't they lovely and tasty looking?

For our lunch/ supper we opted to make leak and onion calzone. For us often times rain = calzone weather.
These are one of my favorite types of calzone
The dough turned out gorgeous!

One filled and another awaiting to be stuffed
I always have fun with the vents. I have to pick a design.
Without a pizza stone this calzone would not be possible
And for dinner we had a carrot, beet salad with bread and Gouda. Not a bad way to wrap up the weekend.


Sonja said...

Mmmm, those look delicious! Thanks for the shout out!

Luna Indigo said...

I didn't want to just "steal" your thunder! ;-)