Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vegetable Lottery

I always feel like we are playing the lottery when it is veggie delivery day. What will we be getting this week? I realize that I could probably go to New Roots Organics' website and figure it out but what is the fun in that?
This week's bunch of fruit and vegetables doesn't seem so eclectic like two weeks ago bunch. Admittedly I am not quite sure what to do with the kale or fennel but I am pretty sure my recipe books can help me out on that front.

I accidentally dropped a piece of this fennel on the ground and my dog jumped at it thinking it was some delectable treat. Poor Gus ripped the fennel to shreds in his discovery that it really wasn't all that tasty as far as dogs are concerned.

Sometimes I look at food and start to wonder how long ago someone decided to eat it. Who thought trying an artichoke would be a good idea?

Broccoli might have been an easier sell to someone but kale? Some of the things we eat really don't look mouth watering good.

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