Monday, May 17, 2010

Syttende Mai 2010

This year we walked down to Adams Elementary where the parade is staged.
We then walked along the street where all the people were waiting for the parade to start.
I think I like seeing the parade this way more then when it is actually happening
Here are my neighbor's car group waiting to go
The milling people was fun to see because they were in various states of boredom, nervousness and excitement

Nothing like viking horns laying in the street

Finally the parade begins, only 6 minutes late

I swear that was the oldest lady in the parade, but I don't know for sure

Nothing like kids on unicycles! We thought they were all going to crash at one point

No, this kid wasn't in the parade but I couldn't help it. This wagon needed a picture!
My neighbor

Here is my neighbor's car

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