Thursday, May 20, 2010

Question of the Day- May 20th

The joys of being a stay at home mama with a 2yr old who loves to watch the world go by out the window, helps me see some strange sights some times. I think it was 2 months ago we started the process of calling the city to get them to come out and mark a handicap parking space out in front of our house. We discovered that the guy in charge of this is rather forgetful and never call him on a Friday because he will forget that you ever called him by Monday morning. 2 weeks ago we got some white markings on the street right on the property line of our parking strip between our house and the neighbors. This was a great sign of movement on working our way to getting a parking space. Yesterday, the power company guy was out and sprayed orange arrows on our grass, and today I assume it was gas that spray painted these lovely yellow arrows on the grass, along with the additions of 2 yellow flags. The question I have is this; are the various departments marking up our parking strip in order to place one small handicap parking sign? Or are they mistakenly marking up our parking strip when they should be over on the neighbor's because they will be remodeling this summer? If it is for our measly little sign then I apologize to my fellow taxpayers for all this craziness. They simply have to dig a post hole but alas I know the government loves its rules and regulations.

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