Sunday, May 16, 2010

Puff the magic pastry lived by the oven

I am not sure what inspired me to take on the challenge of puff pastry this weekend. Maybe it is because I am reading the book "My life in France" by Julia Child or because I just wanted to see if I could still do it.
At any rate, I dusted my pastry chef hat from what seems like ages ago and set to work. I split my dough in half as directed by my recipe but instead of making only one type I decided to make two. I certainly could not eat 24 croissants or pans au chocolats in one day, so I froze all but a few.

I have 4 official ones on my baking sheet and then used up my extra dough for playing around.
The results were (thankfully) delightful and tasty.
I remembered how to make a danish even if I didn't put all the danish fixings on there.
Not bad for not having made a croissant for over 12 years
My very own creation: a chocolate snail.

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